Wednesday, November 16

Angular JS Presentation

I was to give a presentation about Angular JS to my team, but due to my miscommunication, it got cancelled. I had spent a lot of time, first learning angular JS and then also working on some demo project which I planned to showcase to the team.

*Rants about me.. blah blah blah...*

Note to Self : People don't understand your sarcasm, don't effing try to be Chandler bing. You live in a developing country. *More Rant... blah blah blah... *

Anyways, I've uploaded the presentation on github pages. I loved using Reveal.js library for making presentations. It is one of the best library and I enjoyed working with it.

P.S: This post will not be complete without plethora of hashtags so here we go
#dontbestupid, #yousuckatsarcasm, #liveinindia, #idioticcommunicationskills, #ISUCK, #whocares, #livelife

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