Monday, June 27

What "if"

What "if" I had put in just a little extra efforts? What if I had solved that question paper again? What if I had...

The "If" is very subjective and whatever follows after "If" decides your fate.

Scene 1: What "If" I don't get selected even after putting so much efforts?
Scene 2: What "If" I had put in that extra efforts, I would have not missed that cut off.

It is the before and after scenario, but you get the gist.

So what is this post? Well, I recently answered this exam and when I saw my results, I had this "If" moment. What "If" instead of watching that FRIENDS episode which I had already seen umpteen times, I had solved that Maths problem? I could have got better rank, "If" I had prepared a little extra. I would have secured that Seat in my first round, I would not be left at the Mercy of the reserved categories. I cannot blame the Government or the reserved category candidates for my mistakes. I am sure they have their own reasons for their existence.

Well before giving the exam, I knew there was 50% reservation. Instead of thinking there are 60 seats, I should have concluded that there are 30 seats and work hard enough that I be in top 30. Not even top 30, work so hard that I am topping the list.

What went wrong?
Everything, and my Attitude. My attitude towards my goals. What makes me procrastinate, why I cannot get things done? May be I need help and the biggest change I need is in my Attitude.

Go get things done, you.

Life is just once, why waste it cribbing about your failures.

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