Thursday, June 9

Introduction to TypeScript

What is Typescript?
It is superset of Javascript. EcmaScript 5, EcmaScript 6 are javascript specification, however they are not widely available across browsers. What Typescript allows us to do is transpile our ES6 code to ES5 so that it works on all browsers. It also allows us to leverage some ES7 future features.

Benefits of Strong Typing
- In Javascript you can create a varialbe and assign a number or string as per your usage. However in Strong Typing, you can strictly assign a variable of certain type and if the type changes, during compile time it throws an error. Thus Strong Typing catch errors at compile time vs. runtime.
- There is better tooling (refactoring, autocomplete, etc) and hence you can avoid several classes of errors. Example of autocomplete would be when you have a method with three arguments, it would specifically give you autocomplete for only three arguments and warn you if you pass a fourth argument.
- Strong typing allows you to explicitly intent i.e it allows you to write code for humans. For example
 var x: number = 3;
 var y: string = x; //Error
In Typscript you also have dynamic type (using any) i.e
var x: number = 3;
var y: any = x //Works!!! 

In Typescript, you can have Object Oriented Javascript.

Installing TypeScript
1) Install node
2) Install npm
3) npm install -g tsc

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