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Blood Relations

Blood Relative and Relative in law => Two types of Relations.

All relations from Father's side is Paternal
All relations from Mother's side is Maternal

So Father's brother is your Paternal Uncle and similarly your Mother's brother is your Maternal Uncle

Cousin Brother or Cousin Sister is not correct. It is simply Cousin.

Nephew -> Male child of your Sibling (Brother or Sister)
Niece -> Female Child of your Sibling (Brother or Sister)

Tricks to solve blood relations Problems
1) Applying to your self
2) Summarizing the statements
3) Moving step by step

Q : I met a person, who was your bother's mother's brother. What would be the relation with you.
A : Maternal Uncle

Q: Your sister's Aunts husband daughter
A : Cousin

Q: Introducing Ramesh, sudha said, brother's father is the only son of my Grandfather
A : (Only Son of my Grandfather => Father)
     (Brother's Father => My Father)
     Therefore, Ramesh and Sudha are siblings i.e Ramesh is sudha's Brother

Q : John Introduced Mary as daughter of the only Son of My father's wife. How is Mary related to John?
A : My Father's wife => My Mother
      Therefore, Mary as daughter of the only Son of my Mother. So John is Only Son.
      Therefore Daughter of John is Mary.

Father-in-law -> Spouse's(Husband or Wife) Father
Mother-in-law -> Spouse's(Husband or Wife) Mother

Brother-in-law -> Spouse's(Husband or Wife) Brother or Your Sister's Husband is your Brother-in-Law
Sister-in-law -> Spouse's(Husband or wife) Sister or Your Brother's wife is your Sister-in-Law

Tricky Question
A is Father of B, then B is _______ of A
The answer could be Son or Daughter because we don't know the gender. So the best answer is Child. Thus,
A is Father of B, then B is Child of A.

Q : D is the brother of B. M is the Brother of B. K is Father of M, and T is wife of K. How is B related to T? And How is T is related to B?
A : B is son/daughter of T
      T is Mother of B.

Q: P/Q means P is father of Q
     P+Q means P is mother of Q
     P-Q means P is Brother of Q
     P*Q means P is Sister of Q

    Find A is E's ____________
    Ans : A is Grand Aunt of E
 Q : A is aunt of E?
  a) A-B+C/D*E
  b) A*B/C*D-E
  c) A/B*C+D-E
  d) A+B-C*D/E

 Ans is Option b)

Q : Rich is the only daughter of Arjun's father's wife's Mother-in-law's daughter's only brother. How is Arjun related to Richa.
A : Arjun is Brother of Richa

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