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Notes : 15 Lessons From 15 Years In UX - JESSE JAMES GARRETT

Jesse James Garrett — 15 Lessons From 15 Years In UX (SmashingConf NYC 2014) from Smashing Magazine on Vimeo.

1. Go Broad
Work on different kinds of problems.

2. Go Deep
Work for the quality, focus on one problem at a time.
Research the founder of a company, to understand their thinking properly.

3. Go for a Walk
Shifting your sensory inputs in any direction. There is a science behind this, if people change their working environment, it gives them capability to think in different ways.

4. Go farther than you think you should
If is easy to fall in trap on limitations. Limitations are your own creations. It is dangerous for you to cut off your thought due to external limitations.

Your own ideas should scare you. There is risk of failure and certainly you may look stupid, however you should rely on your own guts to go forward and work on that idea. Try to rely on people around you and get inspiration.

Designers are creative people and they need to get out of their comfort zone.

5. Put away your notes
Believe in your instincts.

6. Learn to spot your assumptions

7. Stay Curious
Pursue opportunities to evolve

8. Be as curious about your clients as you are about your users
Your clients should be able to relate to your choices and decisions.

9. Hang with different crowds
Helps understanding the technology, improves your communications. Some things that you know but it is difficult to articulate, talking to different people helps.

10. Cultivate allies.

11. Pick your battles
There are always compromises that you have to make. You need to figure out what really matters, what are the load bearing walls, what are things that create structure and integrity of a design.

12. Good work does not speak for itself. 
You should be able to sell your work. You should be able to explain your design to the world. You should have the ability to persuade and convince your opinion.

13. Changing a design is easy, changing mind isn't
It is never about a single product, it is a never ending process.

14. Pay attention to your failures.
Every failure carries a message about how to improve yourself as a designer.
Scale of a lesson is not directly proportional to failure. Small issues teach big lesson and vice versa.

15. Everything is always changing.
Change is continuous. Only difference between one change and another is a mater of degree. Your assumptions at one time may not be applicable. So always remember that change is happening. Don't resign over change.

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