Wednesday, January 13

Yet another day...

I was up way too early at about 4.00AM today and was lying on bed out of laziness. I put an alarm of 6.05AM but then while in nap, I had this Inception moment and was quite sure I would not be on time, so kicked myself out of bed and started my day with random chores. Got breakfast ingredients for the guest at home, had my black coffee and was ready to leave. At 06.55AM, my buddy M.B was on my door, he is very punctual, I adore this quality. His life experiences are worth listening to, I like talking with him. We left for the event and were first in queue. It was an awesome feeling. When you know there would be rush of thousands of people which would eventually require a queue and you realize you are the first one to get in, it brings smile. Well so the day begin pretty early today. I had to skip gym for obvious reasons, but it was all worth it.

I have slowly come out of that shyness of clicking pictures in public and initially though I was reluctant, I managed to take selfie with my buddy. He too took couple of selfies. Considering his age, 60+ and if he can get out of his comfort zone, why not me. I liked him more for that. Yes, I have weird buddies, not in my age group, but as long as you are comfortable with someone, age is just a number. I taught him how to take screen capture on mobile phone.

Later after the event, we had food and parted ways. Being a business man, I thought he would return home because it was already late afternoon, but he took a visit to his office. I was awestruck So much positive vibes. I had taken a leave so obviously I come home.

Talked a lot of motivation, positive energy and such nonsense with folks, ate my dinner and motivated forced myself to write the blog. I was actually planning to write down the notes about Ruby that I had prepared, they are around 10 pages, but then skipped that thought, may be tomorrow will have that up on this blog. I went and looked up my favorite bloggers that I have been reading for quite some time so that I get some inspiration, and to be honest, it kicked some adrenaline in me. I read about life, starbucks, Meri Jung (Anil kapoor movie) and so on.

When it comes to Indian cinema, I get emotional at movies like Meri Jung, Hum Saath Saath hain etc. I have told a lot of people about my taste in movies and believe me I've received weird comments and looks from them, one being, I have some female hormones in me and that I was manufactured incorrectly by the almighty because his wife disturbed him when he was making me. I laughed to this comment, to be honest, it does not even bother me. I like emotional stuff and I like to shed a tear or two to such stories. Imagine this is just fiction, there are heart breaking events that are happening to people around and yet they are fighting life.

I sent a message to AJS today and asked her about her book which I hope she will write one day. She is one true, motivated, straightforward person I have known and considering her career and educational qualification, I like to learn about her views on various subjects. We should always Surround our self with great minds. Each and everyone of us should have a mentor. I can think of many people who I would want to learn from. AJS is one of them.

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