Saturday, January 23

Random thoughts...

I am a frequent visitor to Quora, personal blogs, technical blogs of individuals etc. Quora being my favorite place of reading, I like the thoughts that people share there. I have never contributed to any questions, but I love reading. Following various topics, my favorite are about higher education, IIM, IIT etc because I, for one am looking forward to get my M.Tech or MBA this year. I want to pursue my higher education dream. So coming back to quora, I read this question about getting a 99+ percentile score in CAT but still not being accepted in any of the IIM colleges. Well, to think of it, that hurts bad. Being a average person, I am quite sure if I had to answer CAT, I would have required at least 2 years worth of preparation, which means complete dedication, lots of motivation, no distractions etc. etc. I have no analogy, however you get what I feel. But the person who answered this question was very motivated despite not being accepted in one of the college.

So what is it that keeps such individuals so motivated?
You can get a lot of answers to this question online, some may say it is the dedication, the passion or the hunger for success. By all means, it is true. However, what I feel is that the answer to this motivation lies within us. If I want to, I will, I have to. The attitude that we bring to the table. I am quite over to that comfort zone I have been living for so many years. I don't want to be travelling in that happy path anymore. It sucks. It is boring, stupid and ridiculously outdated. Not to the world, I want to be able to prove to myself that I can too.

At work, I find it best not to spend time on tea breaks and random talks. I have my black coffee and soon will start with the green tea. I don't need a group accompanying me for my breaks. I feel and strongly believe that if I am not contributing anything to the conversation and If I am not learning anything from it, then I don't belong.

I had plans of buying a Kindle, I fell in love with it the day I saw it. My British library membership is not serving me well, I mean, I don't have access to a lot of books, they just have books from British writers. Also it is pretty far from where I live, so if I have to go and get books, I spend at least 4 hrs of my time. It happens on a weekend, so that is, I feel not a good utilization of time. I rather sleep and relax than travel. So I will not be renewing my membership with them. The kindle I plan to buy is usually cost 5999 INR, however there is an offer for 5000 INR. I can buy it today, but considering the unusual costs that occurred this month, I will have to postpone my investment. I do have a book with me, The Da-Vinci code and it will keep me busy for at least a month, so kindle can wait. If they can give a discount today, they will for sure give away an offer sometime in future, may be even for a lot less. Apart from that, I need to prepare for my M.Tech entrance exam which is probably in the month of May and I to be frank, I have loads of material to prepare. I am far far behind. Wish me luck.

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