Tuesday, January 12

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I missed workout today. Laziness. Even though I know that missing workout will make me feel crap the entire day, I missed it. The winter season, the cold and the bed, there was this bad force that kept me away from my schedule. I am still far far behind that goal of being active in my life. But thinking about it, and writing about it keeps me alive. To add to the crap feeling, I drank tea with my colleagues. I had not been drinking for a long time now, usually would take black tea or black coffee. So all in all, even though it was a wonderful day, I did have some bad calories within me.

I have also been in a habit of taking a pic per day, so today I took pic of this farm that is opposite our office. I would everyday see laddies in green uniform work in the farm. I was so impressed with the hard work they did and it appears that all their hard work has paid, because it really looks green now. However, the sad part is that these women are inmates. Yes, our office is next to a huge jail and I learned from one of my lead that they were inmates. I don't see any guard watching them, but thinking about them makes me feel warm inside. But I believe that they are now happy with the work they get to do.

In food, I had awesome paneer sabji with methi roti. For dinner I had prepared the meggi pasta, and it was delicious. Yes, I read the macros and they were good, the pasta is made from rava/suji so no unnecessary fats.

In movies, I actually did not see any today, but I saw the trailer of sala khadoos staring R Madhavan. I had watched his Rehna hai tere dil mai when I was a kid in standard 10th with my best buddy Saurabh. I remember we had a day out, we ate food after school and went straight for a movie. I think it cost us around 40 INR. School days. Nostalgia. I mention Saala khadoos because, R Madhavan looks like a professional body builder in the movie. He is a boxer training a girl, I don't know if this is based on a real story, but nevertheless, the efforts that this actors take to look good on screen really motivates me. I am quite sure he must be in his late 40's, just like salmaan khan, but don't they look 30's?

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