Monday, January 18

IPL Fatancy League - Specification document

April will be when IPL begins, and making an IPL Fantacy league program is one of the crazy idea I have. There are so many fantacy league softwares out there, but I want to make one nevertheless. The IPL fantacy league software has all the software technicalities that I find interesting. I could use a framework like Ruby On Rails, front end framework react.js, no sql database, bootstrap etc. Below are the software specs the first draft per se.

IPL Fantacy League Software Spec 1.0

Cricket enthusiast will want to form their own team of players and earn points based on their performance in the game.

Evan the cricket game lover wants to be able to form his own IPL team  and earn points based on each player's performance in the game.

1) Evan will have to login to the system with his user credentials
2) He will be able to give a name to his team.
3) Evan, on each day of the match will be awarded 500 coins to start with.
4) He can bet 500 coins before the start of the match on a toss with specific guess.
5) Evan will be provided specific window for selecting his team players for that game. The team that he forms should consists of proper cricket team with 1 wicket keeper, 5 or so bowlers and a captain. Also IPL rules will apply, for example, the team will have only 4 players from outside India.
6) Evan can modify his team "n" number of times as long as it is being done before the time frame provided.
7) Based on the coins earned by the players in IPL match, Evan's coins and rank will be calculated. For example, each boundary hit by a player in Evan's team will get 10 coins, so on and so forth.
8) At the end of each game, Evan's rank will be computed.

Adam the IPL Fantacy league administrator should be able to input IPL scores easily, gather statistics of users accurately and ensure everything in the game is working fine.

1) Adam can login to system with super admin powers.
2) Adam can view complete details about each player/user, his ranking, his team selection, the coins earned etc.
3) Adam can block a user from playing IPL fantacy league.
4) Most importantly, Adam should be able to enter correct data/records after each match so that proper scores are calculated for each user playing.
5) Adam can also enter fun facts, statistics, commentary about IPL for users to read and learn.

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