Friday, January 15


Couple of ideas floating around in my sub conscious mind I'd like to post here.

1) Daily status manager.
In IT industry, everyone follows agile methodology, so we all know what a scrum meeting is. However some teams may not have a legit scrum call, it is a casual status meeting just so that the entire team is in a room and get familiar with what they are working. The team members discuss their status starting, what I did yesterday, what I will do today and any impediments? If any issues, team members discuss and try to reach to a solution. This is a good practice, first, all team members are together and second, everyone can share their views. However such informal meetings have nothing documented. Sometimes the scrum master may broadcast the summary via email. I don't feel that it is that useful, besides who reads remembers an email?

Another issue that is common is, the team member may have some important point to discuss, but during the meeting they might forget.

For such scenario, we can have the daily status manager. Each member can login and enter their status. They can enter notes, log hours etc. The team members should update their status before the scrum meeting. During scrum meeting, the same status message will be discussed, however if there are any comments or any dependency on another team member, scrum master can update the status. This software is kind of a scrum meeting log keeper, however one of the advantage of this software is that it is very very minimal. You  can call it twitter for scurm. Not unnecessary functionality.

2) Broadcaster
The target audience for this application will be a group with same interest. This is a mobile app, with heavy usage of push notification. Let's say you are part of a social or a religious group. Then the quickest way of receiving information is via watsapp. However watsapp is basically a chat application but with people you know. So in watsapp, atleast 1 person should know another person, then numbers need to be saved to create groups etc. Another way of sharing information is via SMS, but now a days, I feel, people usually ignore SMS and also we are not sure if it is completely reliable.

With broadcaster app, you have a dashboard where users can see all the broadcast boards that are available. They can then subscribe to the board and start receiving information. Any new information posted will be alerted to users via the Push Notification system. Also, users can create their own broadcast boards. We can add more functionality to it, such as RSVP, reminders, more information section, vote system etc. Watsapp is controlled by all users, however broadcaster will be a one to many system.

3) IPL fantacy
With IPL Season 9 this year, starting April 8th 2016, I feel we should have yet another simple yet fun web application where users login, create their fantasy league and earn points. We can have points for toss, highest number of boundaries etc and users can compare their scores with other users. We can have some sort of api or a manual entriy of every match statistics.

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