Sunday, January 10

Happy new year 2016

Happy new year!!!

I should have been very particular in writing this post, I always make new year resolutions and try to stick to them for some time at least. However this year, I thought it was not that important. I was in bed by 10.00 PM on 31st eve, nothing new, this is me. I was awake at midnight to the sound of fire crackers, also to the wishing of all the kids at the neighbor hood who were enjoying their night out on the parking area. They were so happy. I felt happy.

It is already 10th of January, feels like million days now and I don't have an particular memory of the New year's eve to cherish. For me New year's have always been to make myself better. Get out of the laziness, think new and do new. Get out of the comfort zone. I am trying hard and I believe I can. Last year, was nevertheless the best year, compared to all my previous years. It is just that I don't have any statistics to wow myself or the bunch of readers reading this. Because I did try new things in life, but I was not consistent at it. I still have not parted with laziness, procrastination and this qualities/habits or whatever they are continue to be part of my life. It is like they need a host to survive on and I am the most suitable candidate.

I made lots of new year resolutions, I am not sure if I want to list them down here. Is it because, in my stupid mind I am afraid that If I fail at my resolutions, what would you think about it? I don't know. I am confused.

I'll write in short about it anyway.

1) Work hard to get a good physique. I work out 6 days a week, at least 45 minutes each day, not so heavy lifting. I want to change that, If I want to achieve what I have dreamed of, I need to get out of my comfort zone.

2) Apply to the M.Tech entrance exam to be held in May, I guess. It is been pretty long after my engineering and I have no effing clue what Algorithms and Data structures are and If I need to excel, I really need to hit this area rock bottom.

3) Work on at least one Software product, end to end. Learn Ruby on Rails, Reach JS or Angular JS and build an application.

4) Start writing more, I have a blog setup and purchased a domain as well but I have always had a laid back attitude and did not write anything on it. I have ideas to work but, I feel tired when I have to actually get up and start the laptop. I read this article on medium about making a habit of writing 1000 words a day and how it is beneficial. I know it is useful, but to write 1k per day sometimes becomes very overwhelming. And to overcome this, I feel 500 words per day should be a quite achievable feat. The 500 words per day idea, by the way, is also from medium. :)

and the list goes on...

I have many more, but those are basically about my habits that I need to change. My Fear, my strong areas, self grooming, excelling in Job etc.

Cool, so I also crossed the 500 words mark today. I hope to keep writing everyday.

God bless.

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