Thursday, January 21

21/01/2016 - Leg Day log

Today being the leg day, I was excited to go to the gym. I have always been lazy and demotivated during leg day sessions because for the obvious reasons, leg days are usually tiring. However the excitement went down the flush when I realized I was not feeling very well. I won't go in detail but in just a sentence, I did not want to workout today.

So I went pretty early to gym, because I did not want to break my rhythm, I have been skipping a lot. I started with simple stretching exercises followed by my 30 reps of pushups. Then I did 2 sets of squats without use of any bar of dumbbell. Next 1 set of squat with a bar. Then I started with 10 pounds squat followed by 20 and then 25 pounds for 10 reps each. We don't have squat racks in gym. So our squat session we required help of a spotter. In my gym, we have smith machine, so people usually use that for squating. To end the squat session, we did 1 set on the smith machine with 30 pounds.

I was feeling nauseated and my head was bursting. I had no clue. I took rest. We then went for leg extension and did 3 sets of 10 reps starting with 60 pounds and going up to 80 pounds.

This exercise was followed by calves extension workout with 3 sets and 10 reps starting with 50 pounds and subsequently increasing 10 pounds on each set.

I was too tired today to continue so thought why not do some cardio and abs. But the thought of doing some more workout made me feel sick. I stepped out of gym, and spend around 20 minutes still in the locker room.

So the gym session today was not that great, but now to think of it, I feel motivated and happy that I did not skip it. Tomorrow is the PUSH day, I might be trying some new exercises as compared to my push session the day before. 

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