Thursday, November 5

Egg-in-a-Hole Recipe, with a twist

I was browsing YouTube when I stumbled upon this video where the chef showed the hole in one's recipe. I wasn't sure if that is what it is called, I googled and the best name of the dish turned out to be "Egg-in-a-Hole". Being a very simple dish with minimum ingredients, and a super healthy breakfast, I had to try it, of course with a twist.

Below are the pictures of how it turned out. The twist however was, I added cheese and a pinch of coriander.

Egg in a Hole
The recipe is quite simple. Have a brown bread slice ready and use a cup with sharp edges to cut through the center of the bread. Apply some butter to it and then toast it on the non stick pan for some time. Keep an egg ready and break it in the hole of the bread. Cover the Pan for some time. I like the yolk punctured, so I used a fork to scramble it a little. After some time, when you feel the egg has started to cook, turn your bread slice and let it cook again for some time. Meanwhile, add a slice of cheese to the bread and cover the pan. Add a pinch of Coriander for taste. (I wanted to have a color when I would photograph, so added coriander to it.)

Egg in a hole - Cheese and Coriander

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