Saturday, October 24

Visit to X-Thrill - Lavasa

I had heard a lot about lavasa, but never got a chance to visit. They say, the drive to lavasa is good not the place itself. However we were visiting an Adventurous sports academy called as X-Thrill situated somewhere in lavasa. I was very excited. It was a team outing and being relatively new I had to be part of it.

We started at around 8.00AM and were expected to reach by 9.30AM, however due to unavoidable circumstances we reached by 11.30AM. Breakfast was arranged and it was very delicious. The owner there said, they cook food which tastes like home. I loved the boiled egg with the Chutney combination. Normally I would eat maximum 2 boiled eggs, but I was so hungry I grabbed 5 boiled eggs. Shameless, I know.

We were about 80 odd team members and had signed up for the treasure hunt activity. There were various other adventurous sports activities but since this was a Team outing and the purpose was to have team building activities, treasure hunt was the most suitable.

We were made to stand forming a circle. Everyone stood next to a person whom they knew very well. Fun begins. The Colonel (not sure if this was his rank, pardon me if I am wrong) then told us to count a number in series from 1 to 6.  It started from one person, and each individual had to count the subsequent number. Loudly. What followed next, I thought was a very good idea. Each number was then told to group. So people who were "One" were told to group, people who said "Two" had to group, so on and so forth. This was fun, I must have experienced it earlier in my childhood, but at the time, I thought this was really cool and of course an awesome starter for a team building activity. Each group was assigned 2 commanders. We introduced ourselves.

The Colonel, then asked us to vote our team leader within our group. We were then told to name our group and have a slogan.

To get a taste of the treasure hunt competition, each team was told to shout out their slogans. As loud as possible. As a team. One single voice. The colonel then choose a winner among us, and I guess were awarded some points. More about points later.

Treasure hunt begins!!!
Our commander had some clues written on a piece of paper, which he handed to the team leader. We had to collectively think, look for that area, thing etc and earn our points*. Sounds simple right? Nope. See the asterisk. Yes, we had terms and conditions applied.

One of the Clue : Agarbatti

Work as a team, think as a team. Given a clue, if you had to hunt for something and you did not move in a team, you would lose points. Yes, the most basic rule was to stay together. No matter what. I had notices, the commanders would take a very good look at this point. They had warned us several times about it. We took for granted.

You found your clue, good, to go to the next clue, you had to pass an obstacle. There was a team activity. And I must say, every activity actually involved team work. Unless and until entire team worked together as a team, it was impossible to pass that activity. I learned the meaning of the phrase "team building" during such activity.

My Experience.
Not only did I enjoy, but I got to learn a lot about how to act in a team activity. There was a clue, which I was quite sure I knew the answer to, but I had hard time convincing my team members, for various reasons whatsoever. Apart from that, I thought as a team I could do better cheering my team members. It was a hot hot day, everyone was literally running places to get to the clue and so were tired. As a team we had only ourselves to cheer up and stay motivated.

How to put your point across? As mentioned in above paragraph, I had difficulty in this area. I have to improve.

Discuss the failures? There were instances where we were completely lost and even though the clue was very much around, we kept running. We also broke the rule of not staying together as a team several times. In the activities, since we were to perform as a team, not everyone was upto the mark, but who is perfect??

View point
As a team at work, we usually discuss what went wrong, the sole purpose being that we could learn from our mistakes. However, this is one area, that we need to be very very careful with our words. The use of "I". "You" v/s "We", so on. Because if you don't say it right, you are left. (Left out of the group, barked out of the herd.) Pun intended.

Anyways, sometimes ignoring the blames is the best thing.

Keep calm and do your job.

Well let's not get drifted to the job world from the fun world.

To conclude, I had a lot of fun. I took selfies. Yes me. Ok, it was the scenery in the background and just me in the selfie. Boring, I know. But I took selfies. :P

I wanted to write more in detail about the entire trip but I feel tired already and am out of words. Uploading pictures now. Adios..!!!

Photography - To look at it now, I think I should have also captured the stem. 

Photography - much better. Looks awesome
P.S All the pictures are taken from my Samsung Galaxy A5 smartphone. I have done no editing to any of the pic.

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