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My Version of Caeser Salad - The Recipe

I had been to a restaurant some time back for lunch. Somehow I forgot to get the name nor was I able to understand the cuisine it was offering. However it did have few Salad's as their main offerings. A friend suggested to try the Caeser saaad with Chicken. I went with it. It cost us around 350INR with taxes. I loved the way it was decorated and served. I was able to quickly note down the Ingredients. It had boiled chicken, I think they were fried after boiling, it really looked crisp, red and it was very soft. A lot of mayonnaise. Avacado, Olives, Bread toast, some cherry tomatoes and pepper and some other seasonings for taste.

Caesar Salad at the restaurant

Caesar salad at the restaurant

I loved the dish and so as one of my rituals, I had to try it at home. Of course, with a twist. So below is the recipe.

1) Boiled chicken.
2) Lettuce Iceberg or Avocado
3) Tomato
4) Mayonnaise
5) Curd
6) Brown bread toast

Chop lettuce into medium pieces. They taste good when you have a mouthful. Slice tomatoes, have thin pieces. Make Bread toasts, I made them on a Pan and overlooked one bread which burned. I was very excited.

Boil your chicken and then fry them on a Pan. Just add a little, very few drops of Oil for taste. Pan them until the chicken is brown.

Take a big bowl and add lettuce and tomato. Mix them. Then add Mayonnaise, 1 table spoon is more than sufficient. You don't want to add unnecessary fat to your salad. We are adding Mayonnaise for taste.

Now add a lot of curd, try to drain out the excess water from curd. Have it thick. Mix everything well. Add the Chicken to it and stir. Sprinkle pepper. I also added some red chilly sauce and soya sauce for taste. To add more flavors, I then added a Pizza Mix that I had purchased long time back. Stir everything well.

Put the mixture nicely on a plate. Decorate the dish with the pieces of Toast. I had it refrigerated for about 10 minutes before serving. Enjoy your treat..!!!

My version of Caesar Salad

My version of Caesar Salad
I'd love to read your comments.

P.S : I Posted the pic of my version of Caeser salad on whatsapp to friend and family. They loved it. One of my friend asked me what exactly the name meant. I then googled for it, was surprised and at the same time shocked that my recipe was no where close to the actual caeser salad recipe. I was angry that the Caser salad that I had consumed was a total fake. (It was not Caeser salad, but it was a good appetizer). However I would recommend that you try my recipe first because I guarantee you would love it. You can read more about Caeser salad here.

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