Sunday, October 25

Book Review - The Dead Tracks - Tim weaver

It was time to unwind and read a fiction. I had picked up a book and was about to leave when "The Dead tracks" caught my eye. I did not spare time on reading the summary, just took it. The 500 odd pages at first seemed exaggerated for a fiction but I must say, after finishing the book within 2 weeks, it was worth every word.

I could call it a psychological thriller, the book is based on David Raker who is a Missing persons Investigator by profession. Yes, not a detective, but focusing manly on finding people. David is very emotional and knows what it's like to grieve. He understands the shadowy, unhappy world of the lost. When Megan's parents approach David to take up their case for finding their daughter, who by the way is very unlikely a runaway, David understands their sorrow and agrees to investigate. Little did David know that what looked simple at first turns out to have a deep secrets hidden, people close to Megan are dead, others are terrified to speak.

David with his witty skills unearths a lot of truth about the case, about Megan and also about a very dark historical event that can be related to the present happenings. There is a dead track in forest with a horrifying history at the edge of the city which David discovers during the investigation. Every event turns out to be surprising for David. He himself gets caught in the events, he may loose his loved one's, in fact he may loose his own life, but he does not give up, because he has a job to do, a person to find.

Tim weaver's writing are straightforward and I enjoyed, how the events turned out in the book. Writing a thriller is an art and I must say I loved every sequence of the book. A 500 page book at first seems overwhelming, now I realize that the page count is not important, it is how you write and how you tell a story is what counts. Nowhere is the book was I bored or confused. It is indeed a masterpiece.

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