Thursday, September 17

The To-Do List - Mike Gayle

I have been a huge fan of To-Do list and even though I have failed several times keeping my own To-Do list, I was looking forward to this book. To-Do list help you be in track and as per my experience, how few times may be, but there is a feeling of achievement when you work through your To-Do list.

Also, I like reading about people's life experiences, so this was a perfect book for me. The author realizes on his 36th birthday, that he has to get out of the normal routine and feel a sense of adulthood, this can be achieved by doing all the tasks/To-Do's that have been delayed over time. The To-Do list has items that are not only simple but quite achievable like watching a TV series or cleaning the house etc. But something or other, forces Mike Gayle to procrastinate. But now that he has self realized, it is time to get in action. The list has about 1227 items and it is fun to read the author's journey to try to achieve those items in just 1 year.

The book is not only a good read, but what I really enjoyed was the author's journey. The time when he actually thought the idea of To-Do list was vague and the time when he actually made an attempt to try to work on the To-Do list. As usual, below are some of the excerpts from the book for my reference.

- First undeniable truth of To-Do list : Unless you are dead, there's always going to be stuff that needs doing.

- Keep the To-Do list realistic

- A To-Do list is probably like a Manifesto. A Manifesto for life, a manifesto for anyone who has ever sat down and thought to themselves, "If only I had more time I'd do this of that...", in fact it is a manifesto for People like us.

- A To-Do list is a kind of Stuff that you ought to do, but can always find a good excuse for not doing.

- You can't just race headlong into the list hoping that a bit of luck and sheer momentum will take you all the way through. You need a plan.

- Let everyone know that you are working on a To-Do list. "The reason I'm telling you lot this is to give me the inspiration and motivation to succeed, knowing full well that should I fail in my task, I will look like a complete and utter buffoon in  front of you all and will afford you the right to mock me to within an inch of my life."

- Time is what our lives are made of and yet our failure to use time properly can have disastrous effects on our happiness and sense of well being

- To Successfully get through the To-Do list and be systematic throughout your life, have a ROUTINE.

- "I make a To-Do list all the time and sometimes when I'm feeling particularly low I put things like "Take a shower" just to have the satisfaction of ticking it off. It's my kick start for the day.

- Break your To-Do list into the things that you're excited about and the things that you're not so excited about and then alternate them so there's always something to look forward to.

- The best thing is to tell every single person you know what you're doing so that you commit yourself fully to the project

- "It had been more like a tornado ripping through my relatively tranquil life and turning various objects (small cows included) upside down and ripping the roof off every thing that had a roof to rip off."

- Catch up with lost friends because you know what? They used to be great friends.

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