Saturday, August 22

Egg Bhurji - Good morning!!!

I've had Egg Bhurji or what we call here the "Anda Bhurji" several times but I never took time to understand the recipe. However today, I was in a mood to prepare my own breakfast, so with help of my Mother, here is a delicious recipe of Egg Bhurji.

1) 1 Finely chopped Onion
2) 1 Chopped Tomato
3) Chopped Spring Onions
4) 1 Green Chili, chopped
5) 2 Eggs
6) 1 table spoon Butter
7) Pepper and Salt for taste

Alrighty, lets get started.
Heat the Pan for some time, around a minute or so and then add Butter. You can also add oil or ghee, but I like to cook in Butter, because of the taste. After about 2 minutes when the Pan is hot and Butter melted, add chopped onions and green chili. Stir for some time. I like to cook the onions until they are light brown. Add the tomatoes and spring onion to the mixture.

My mom added a handful of chopped spring onions and I was surprised to learn that they loose the size and become kind of small. Also it depends on the taste. I like Spring onion, so adding a lot of quantity was  fine with me.

Once you have the mixture stirred very well and cooked, add the main ingredient, i.e the Eggs. So what we did was, we put the eggs just like how we prepare an omelette, and covered it with a lid. Waited for around a minute and then we started scrambling the eggs and thoroughly mixing. I did not want the overcook the eggs. After stirring for another 30 seconds, turn off the gas and lid the pan. Let it wait for some time. Serve hot with chapatis/Roti or Brown Bread.

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