Monday, August 24

Curd Salaad

This time I had to try something different, then the earlier Chicken salad. Also, something very quick and easy and at the same time nutritious and tasty. I had been to the mall and bought myself "Dahi" or Curd. Actually I wanted to buy Yogurt, and thinking that Dahi is Yogurt I bought 2 packets. But it is today that I realized there is a difference between Yogurt and Curd. Anyways, Curd is healthy too. So lets get started with the recipe.

1) Chopped Cucumber
2) Chopped Tomato
3) Finely Chopped Cabbage
4) Boiled Corn
5) Dahi/Curd
6) Sugar
7) Pepper and Chaat Masala for taste

I ensured that all the ingredients are finely chopped because it becomes easier to chew and also you get a good mixture of everything in your spoon. The curd gives you a good flavor and hence good taste.

Mix all the ingredients well. Make sure you have boiled corn, it gives a very good flavor as well as color to the salad. Add 1 spoon of Sugar it gives sweetness as well as it tastes very well. Add pepper and chaat masala as per your taste. Now add a lot of Curd to the mixture, ensuring that there is no water in it. Mix well and refrigerate it for half an hour.

Enjoy your salad direct from the refrigerator, cold.

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