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Chicken Salad, just like you get it at Subway - but much better and way too cheaper.

I had once eaten a Veg Subway salad and not only was it tasty but it was damn costly. Mc Donald's and Subway are some of the western brands that are here in India and however they have very good items in Menu, they are definitely not worth my pockets. I'll be frank, but the kind of quality and the customer service that they provide is by far the worst when you compare to their parent company in US. The added taxes may burn a hole in your pocket. Anyways, I can go on and on about the negativity, but today's blog post is about preparing a Subway Chicken salad at home. So let's get cooking.

A subway salad will have 1) Cucumber 2) Tomato 3) Black Olives 4) Green Olives 5) Cabbage 6) Onion 7) Capsicum 8) Different kinds of Sauce such as onion, barbecue, mayonnaise etc

What I believe is that it is the Sauce that brings in all the taste in the salad. That is it, the above ingredients as per your choice and a 5 min preparation time will get you a Subway salad, for about 180INR for Veg and about 320INR for non veg. 

I love the black olives and I always ask for some extra during the time of preparation. And here in India, since they are way to costly, I think the "chef" (I don't know what the term they use for the guy who prepares your "Sub") is instructed to quietly ignore the customer request and in worst scenario just add 2-3 olives if at all required. Sometimes the olives are missing from the bucket and you cannot do anything about it. 

Alright, back to our Salad preparation. I got the following ingredients from the mall.
1) Cucumber
2) Tomato
3) Cabbage
4) Mustard sauce
5) Mayonnaise 
6) Boneless Chicken
7) Chili (The big one, that are normally used to make bhaji)
8) Sweet Corn
9) Coriander

Boil your chicken with Ginger garlic paste for about 20 minutes until cooked. No oil required.
Cook the sweet corn in a pressure cooker for about 10-15 minutes.
Slice the Cucumber and Tomato, very thin. The salad taste good when you have a big slice of these instead of thin chopped.
Chop the green chili in medium pieces.

Separate your corn, make sure you have them nicely removed and they are in intact pieces, they should not be smashed. They taste good and also look good in the final product.

Put the corn in the vessel and mix finely chopped cabbage. Stir well with your hands. Then add the boiled chicken. I mashed the chicken pieces into small chunks, so that it mixes well with the salad. You may want to cool the chicken down to room temperature before mixing it. Then add the chopped green chili. 

At this point, I like to mix everything well and add Sauce. So add 2 table spoons of Mustard Sauce and 2 Tablespoons of Mayonnaise. I then added 1 table spoon of Green Chili sauce and Red chili sauce each. Mix them well. 

If you noticed, I haven't added onions because I don't like them raw. Also I did not get olives from the mall and I did not want to hunt down in other stores. So I skipped them.

Once done mixing, add the Sliced tomato and cucumber to the salad. I like the taste of Tomato as is, so I made sure I did not mix it well with the sauce. Once done, stir it twice or thrice and add some lime and tomato sauce for taste. Sprinkle black pepper for taste. And then add coriander. As my mother says, coriander is the king of the vegetables and to be honest, it actually gives a damn good taste plus makes your dish smell awesome. We normally add coriander in almost all the dishes that we prepare. 

That is it, your salad is ready. Enjoy!!

Let me know in your comments if you have any suggestions or any other such healthy recipes. I would definitely love to try them at home. Until then eat healthy, stay fit. Adios.

Alright for those who are interested, the above salad made at home costs me around 40 bucks (because I added about 100 gms of chicken). I got the Mustard sauce for 45INR and the Mayonnaise sauce for about 75INR I have used only 2 table spoons in the preparation and I think I can make more 5-6 servings of the salad from the remaining. I have used one medium Cucumber and 1 Tomato. It would have cost me 2INR each. Corn cost me 8INR.

So on the extreme side of calculation, It just cost me about 35INR - 40INR. See how cheap and at the same time healthy it is.

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  1. Awsome Recipe, will surely try the VEG Salad at home today.

    Coriander - I too love it and use in my all dishes.

    Will update after preparing this salad.

    1. Sure thing..Eat healthy stay fit, forever..