Monday, July 6

Learning #0009 - Web development

Ctrl + Shift + T - Shortcut in Google chrome to open the Recently closed tab
I will have to remember such shortcuts, considering how stupid my habits are. Shucks..!!

MS SQL Server Authentication
In a application with loads of java, dojo and what not code, we were using MS SQL Server for our database. We were using weblogic as the server for deployment. I normally start the weblogic server and when I see the "RUNNING" text in my command prompt, I am happy to go browse the application. However this time it did not happen so. Puzzled and nervous that I am always, I panicked and did not know what to do. Restart of server did not help. I then checked the weblogic console and looked for deployment tabs and all the Data sources were showing failed. I then tried to log in to the MS SQL server and it did not allow me to login. I was surprised, since the database were on my local machine, the SQL Authentication should have succeeded. Google to rescue. I learned that the SQLEXPRESS service needs to be in running state. Navigated to services.msc and enabled the MS SQL Service. Crap load of time wasted.

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