Friday, June 12

Workplace - My thoughts

Recently there has been discussion at work about the kind of workplace we should have. Note that this is an open ended discussion and I just want to share my thoughts.

1) The hardware
It has to be awesome i.e very good configuration and we should have laptops for all. We should have an option for the OS as well. I love Macs.

2) Huge Monitors
May be even two. But yes, if you are giving us a computer, please let us have huge monitors. There are plenty of advantages. If you spend 10+ hours per day, then having the right monitors and the right CPU, helps us feel relaxed and and the same time keeps us focused.

3) Music
Humans like to speak and share ideas. Sometimes it so happens that on a friday afternoon, a group gathers around a desk and discuss on the online purchases they made. Totally unrelated to work. But these discussions tend to get louder which can disturb someone else. And no one would want to get up and interrupt the group to lower their voices. Because it never helps. So the best option should be provide subscription to music at work. Have a limited playlist and include relaxation music, or music for focus. These are normally the sound of birds, rain, nature etc playing in a continuous loop. If possible also provide good quality headphones.

4) Activities
If you are having a ping pong table, ensure to provide the rackets and ball. Also have Chess boards. Due to the long commute hours, most of employees normally avoid leisure time because they need to complete their work and reach home to their families on time. But for those interested, have a Indoor sports room.

5) Quality Food
Please have a very good canteen with very good food. Have pantry and provide option for tea, at least herbal/green tea, if not other. Now a days we have machines that gives you a good beverage on click of a button.

6) Encourage Bicycling
For those who wish to cycle to work, have a dedicated parking and a good washroom for them to freshen up before starting their work.

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