Monday, June 22

The Perfect Murder - Peter James

A very short and interesting read. The title was very catchy and so it was my next read. I completed the book in two seating. It was not that thrilling however every page had me intrigued. I loved the book and look forward to reading more from Peter James, an author, whose works I would always be looking for in future.

The story is about a couple Victory Smiley and his wife Joan. They have been married for almost 20 years, however their marriage is reached a crises point. Victor secretly loathes Joan more and more each day and Joan is bored by Victor and all the nasty habits of Victor drives her crazy.

Victor who is a methodical person and thinks about his actions bit by bit ensuring everything is perfect at the end, now decides to get rid of Joan. The only way to get rid of Joan would be to murder her, but he has to plan everything to be out of suspicion of anybody. He researches over the internet about cyanide, insurance policy fraud etc and notes down everything.

While Victor is preparing for the Perfect Murder, he's about to get a nasty surprise. As it turns out, Victor's not the only one with Murder in mind...

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