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Creativity Now: Get Inspired, Create Ideas and Make Them Happen! - Jurgen Wolff

The book was very colorful. Also, it was about creativity and I thought why not? I have read a lot about such topics and many times have practiced some of the methods, but alas, I wanted to read it.

Creative Success Manifesto
1) Success is what you say it is.
2) Commercial Success can take a year or hundred years.
3) Fewer than 1 percent have to buy what you do. Start by finding one person who likes what you do.
4) Crazy is the first step.
5) Ready, fire, Aim.
6) If at first you don't succeed, don't try, try again.
7) Failing feels crappy.
8) The only way to fail if you stop.

- Music stimulates your creativity - Music has the power to stimulate the sluggish brain.
- A mini break clears the way for new ideas.
- Remember how to play cards, how to draw, spend time with child. Play by their rules.
- Why? What? When? Where? How? Ask a lot of questions, it's a way to be open to more possibilities.
- Create your space
- Get the right stuff. The images and items around you can stimulate your creativity. Eg plants and flowers, posters and postcards, inspirational quote cards you make yourself.
- Be a streetcomber - seek interesting stuff and you shall find it. And photograph it.
-Get physical - Movements helps the brain as well as the body.
- Loose your limited thinking - Just because you can't do it doesn't mean it can't be done.
- You are not under arrest. Overcoming the imposter syndrome unleashes your creativity.
- Making up stories warms up your brain.
- Find a mentor - You can learn to be more creative by modelling your favorite genius.
- Dare to Daydream - Daydreaming is an essential form of creativity.
- Record your night dreams - Your dreams are a great source of idea.
- Transform your inner critic - your harsh inner critic can be turned into a constructive inner guide.
- Go back to pen and paper - Reconnecting your hand and your brain stimulates creativity. Handwriting makes one's relationship to words intensely personal.
- Stuff your head with facts. To incubate great ideas, your mind needs facts to work with.
- Keep a swipe file - Adopting what works is a worthwhile creative shortcut. Swipe file should contain good ideas and examples from your field of work or interest. Go into the habit of looking for and recording everything around you that is inspirational, well designed and effective.
- Balance your brain - Balance between the hemisphere of your brain encourages calmness and creativity.
- Feed your brain - What you eat affects your brain functions, for better or worse. Try to eat egg and drink skimmed milk. Have at least 8 glasses of water every day.  Avoid chocolate bars, sugar drinks, junk food etc.
- Create a goals board - Being reminded of what you want keeps you on the right course.
- Join the league of Adventures - A spirit of adventure makes life enjoyable, creative and exciting.

- Follow the four brainstorming guidelines
a) Quantity counts - During a brainstorming session come up with as many ideas as you can.
b) No judging - During brainstorming hold off judging of ideas.
c) Write down every idea - During brainstorming make sure to write down all the ideas.
d) Don't be afraid to build on other ideas.

- Ask the Ignorant - People who don't know what they don't know sometimes know more than the people who know only what they know.
- Try the opposite - Thinking of the opposite of what's usually done may lead you to a practical solution.
- Do a future interview - Being interviewed about having reached your goal gives you clues as to how to get there.
- Force a word association - Forcing a connection between your challenge and an unrelated word yields new ideas.
-When you have a good idea, keep going. Settling for the first goal idea you have stops you from having a better one.
- Start with the end - One way to come up with good solutions is to start at the end and work your way backward.
- Asking questions is a great way to explore any problem and discover solutions.
- Have a trendstorming session - Relating the important trends of the time to your product or service leads to improvements.
- Use mind maps - Using a graphic representation allows you to explore any idea more easily.
- Free writing - Writing quickly about a topic or question reveals information that may have been hidden.
- Challenge all the assumptions
- Image someone else's solution - Imagining how a well know innovator or company would attack the problem can lead to new ideas.
- Vary the attributes - Start with the idea or object or service as it is, than vary its attributes to find a better way.
- Teach your problem - When you describe how you do a problem, you also learn how you stop doing it. For eg, you might give a lesson on how to be late, how to over eat, how to make sure you never exercise, how to procrastinate or just about anything. Once you are done, what you have to do is just opposite of what you taught yourself.
- Summon your originator alter ego - Vividly evoking a time when you were very creative makes it easier to be creative again.
- Combining two ideas or things can lead to something new.
- Learn from Nature - Nature makes a great model for new ideas.
- Randomly matching your interests with your skills can give you new ideas for how to make money.
- Fist in a different pond - Targeting a different audience for what you already do may reveal lucrative new markets.
- Re-purpose - Finding a new way to use an existing idea in a different context yields new value.
- Steal their methods - Applying the methods of successful enterprise to your own challenge leads to success.

Eliminate creative blocks - Creative blocks are obstacles you can overcome.
- Interview the block - look for the source of the problem further back.
- Make the right comparison - there will always be somebody worse than you and somebody better than you. Others will judge whether or not they like what you have done.
- Try a different medium.
- Create an action map - Creating a diagram of what you need to do focuses your creativity.
- To get, ask - When you need help implementing a project the way to get help is to ask
- Give them a taste - Sometimes to sell something, you've to give a sample.
- To sell, pre-sell - Preparing your audience helps make them receptive.
- Declare a MAD (Massive action day) - It simply means you concentrate only on a project distraction free. No email, no online chat etc. Use a pomadoro technique.
- Use the pareto principal - 20 percent of what you do gives you 80 percent of the value. Pareto principal is also known as the 80/20 rule or the principal of the Vital few.
- Keep an Ideas box - While focusing on the project at hand, have a way to capture other ideas.
- Create a layalty card - working step by step towards a reward keeps you motivated.
- Give it a personality - Whatever you create will have a personality, make sure it's one you want.
- Keep it simple - Keep your eye on the core functions of what you create.
- Ready, fine, Aim!  - If you wait until the conditions are right, you will never move forward.
- Look for the quirk - The quirks always stands out.
- Have a plan B.
- Make a not to-do list  - If what you're doing isn't moving you forward, then its holding you back.
- Embrace Procrastination - Working with, not against, procrastination can help you get things done.
- Be the staff - There's a hard-working staff ready to be employed - in your mind.
- Chunk and micro-chunk - when you find yourself avoiding tasks, breaking them up into chunks helps overcome your resistance.
- Use timepods - Focusing your activity for 45 minutes at a time increases your productivity.
- Use the Einsteins levels - Once way to get over a block is to change the level at which you consider the problem.
 - Putting it all together - Having a plan for the entire creative process improves your chance of success.

Putting it all together
- Describe your dream
- Describe what elements would make the project as good as you hope it will be
- Get specific about the features of your project
 - Narrow down the options
- Build your framework and your plan
- Do it!
- Evaluate and improve

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