Friday, May 29

Tomorrowland - The Movie

TomorrowLand was a good entertaining movie with special effects, visually stunning and an interesting storyline. For me it was a quality time spent and I enjoyed it. I'd give it a 3 stars out of 5. George clooney being in the star cast I was expecting some action. However since it was a Disney production, and considering that the major roles were played by younger star cast, I shouldn't complain.

I am not movie buff and hardly go to the theater. Apart from that I had never heard of this movie before nor seen its promotions. A friend and me had some time to kill and what better than movies. However since we were looking for a particular time slot and I have a strict no watching Bollywood in theater policy, we were left with limited options. When I checked IMDB, Tomorrowland had George Clooney featured on its posters and I immediately decided I was ok with it. Funny how our thoughts, decisions are shaped based on the information we perceive. In my case, so very limited information.

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