Friday, May 8

Lotus Notes : Setting Meeting Reminder

I have been using Lotus notes for a month now and I think I have got the hang of it. Initially I thought it was not as friendly as Outlook, but Lotus notes has its own advantages. I am yet to figure out many things in Lotus notes. Being used to the outlook's meeting reminder popup's, I was surprised that Lotus notes did not have this feature. Digging further through the inter-webs, realized that there is indeed an option to set up reminders for meetings. Manual work, but still very useful.

Using notes version 9, if you get a meeting invite, you need to open that meeting in a new window, click on edit and then check the box that says "Notify Me"

You can click on the clock icon to get more options, such as when you want the reminder Alarm to go off, etc.

After you have made the changes, don't forget to "save and close" to reflect the changes.

There could be a shorter way, I found this quick and handy way and it works for me. In case if you know any better way, do let me know in the comments. 

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