Tuesday, May 12

Learnings #0006 - Miscellaneous

A very interesting read about gamification. https://medium.com/backchannel/this-video-game-solved-the-problem-of-learning-guitar-d0fcea6f0d3b

A game that helps you learn guitar, isn't that cool? I have had this guilt feelings of not being productive after a hour of online gaming. But game sessions like these, remain with you even after you've stopped playing. Recently I had this idea of an android game using corona SDK, which would test your math skills along with game fun. It could test your focus. Anyways this is just an idea which was with me for some time now and I just put it online via this blog post, though it does not reveal much. Stupid me.

 Ruby on Rails : Request Response Cycle
1) User visits a web page from his browser. He enters the address in the address bar.
2) The request hits the rails router at (config/routes.rb)
3) In routes.rb, the router maps the URL to the correct Controller followed by the correct action to handle the request.
4) The action receives the request and asks the model to fetch the data from the database.
5) The model than returns the required data to the controller.
6) The controller's action than passes the data on to the view.
7) The view renders the page as HTML.
8) The controller send the HTML back to the browser and the page loads on browser for user to see.

Refer : http://www.codecademy.com/articles/request-response-cycle-dynamic
Image : http://s3.amazonaws.com/codecademy-content/projects/3/request-response-cycle-dynamic.svg

Completed the rails tutorial on codecademy.com. It was fun, easy though sometimes it would not work and take some time to load, but all in all quite enjoyable.

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