Thursday, May 7

Learnings #0005 - Life and Work and et cetera

Life after 50?
Stumbled upon this interesting post and it actually gave me goosebumps.

Interesting and thought provoking paragraph, I actually typed it instead of pasting it directly from the source, for the fact that I really wanted to have an impression in my head.

Lesson : Unless you are confident that your skills are far above average, don't take a career path that subjects you to the employment market once you're over 50 (and/or make sure that by age 50 you've saved enough for a retirement that begins at age 50 or 55 and during which you won't have employer provided health insurance for up to a 15-year gap between age 50 and Medicare age)
Documentation : I personally feel that in Software development, documentation is very important. Not just write long lengthy words, but have screenshots attached wherever possible. In fact, I usually prefer screenshots over text. But the bottom line is to have everything documented.

Perforce : Get the difference of files in a particular pending changelist. It should support additions, deletion and edit of files.

I remember using a batch file which would automagically send an email of all the files in changelist along with difference, which we would then send it to peer review. I am now looking for same solution, and get to learn how I can achieve automation in this area.

Posted a question on stackoverflow, hope to get some pointers.

Lesson learned : Don't just assume/work blindly, try to understand how things work. Had I spent some time understanding the batch file, it would have been quite useful today.

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