Tuesday, May 5

Learnings #0004 - Web Development

CSS Cursor property
Recently came across this CSS style where for cursor it was defined as both pointer and hand i.e
.myClass {
cursor : pointer;
cursor : hand;
Searching online, came to know that hand was the Microsoft's way of saying pointer and it would work on IE6 below. I feel hand should have been an appropriate way to use in a style-sheet, well, to actually represent a hand. :)
Refer : http://quirksmode.org/css/user-interface/cursor.html#note
and http://stackoverflow.com/questions/3087975/how-can-i-make-the-cursor-a-hand-when-a-user-hovers-over-a-list-item

Deleting Browser Cache
Even though we have keyboard shortcuts in Mozilla and chrome to clear cache, it is a two step process, i.e ctrl+shift+Delete and then click to clear cache. Clear cache in chrome and Empty Cache button in Mozilla Firefox are a real handy utility. One click to clear the cache. I am looking forward to minimize the manual work as much as possible and automate things. Mundane task like this should be automated.

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