Thursday, April 30

Learning #0003 - Web Development

Tabindex : Normally in a form, if we want to provide a focus order on elements such as radio, input, textarea using your tab key, we would apply the tabindex html attribute. This is not entirely correct. It appears that tabindex can be applied to non focus-able elements as well, such as div, span etc. I think this is how the accessible website help navigate via the tab key.
Another interesting fact I learned today was that it is not just the tab key, but we can apply focus to the said element via touch or even the click. Interesting.

Refer :

Chrome applies its own focus styles to such elements, to remove the default styles, you can apply below CSS
outline : none;
The above works, however I am not sure if that is the correct method. If you have better suggestion, comment here or update at stackoverflow

Perforce : Was trying to resolve a file however the popup which had all the settings neither allowed resolving the file nor did it show any error message. Google to rescue, was surprised to see this being asked on stackoverflow. As per the thread, the latest version of perforce does not support code hosted on older server(?). Softwares like these make a developers life easier, however I was more surprised when the software just hung on me, should it not show some legible error message and make our lives easier?

P.S : I don't know much about perforce, for the fact that it is code version tool.

One thing I have realized, no matter how complex code you write, if your software is not self explanatory and makes a user vomit, your efforts are wasted. Our client facing Softwares should be such that no user would require help of documentation.

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