Wednesday, April 29

Learning #0002 - Web Development

Sublime Text : Viewing the same file in different panes.There was this huge 1.5K+ lines of CSS files and class names were defined at the top of the file. I had to refer to the file and make changes at the end of file. Kind of tedious. Here is what I did.
a) Have a two column layout. Goto view -> Layout -> Columns 2 or Alt+Shift+2
b) Open the same file in another tab. Goto File -> New View into File
c) Drag the file to other layout.

Sublime Text : Keyboard shortcut for comments
ctrl + / does the trick.

Node and Express Installation
> node install --global express
> node install --global express-generator
> cd myprojects
> express project_folder
> cd project_folder && npm install

To start the default project and view it in your browser,
> npm start

You can than navigate to http://localhost:3000 and you should see the express default page.

P.S : node app.js is deprecated, use npm start command to start the express app.

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