Saturday, April 11

Important Points - Front End Development - Things I wish I had told the 5 years earlier me.

These days Front end is become an essential part of IT industry because everything is getting online. The responsibilities of a Front End developer have increased exponentially. I remember during my earlier years, a designer would write the HTML and CSS, but now we have a department in every organization with such expertise. And as front end developers we always have to keep ourselves informed with the latest. As uncle Ben would say, "With great powers, comes great responsibilities", and I totally agree to it.

Enough of all the exaggeration, this post is basically what I would have said to the 5 year earlier me.

1) Write Code.
2) Don't just read, but write more Code.
3) L:earn to use version Control and upload all your code to Github.
4) Learn to write documentation of your code on Github. Write simple to follow steps for how to install and configure your software. Make everyone's life easier. This also includes you, because down the line, somewhere in future you would want to revisit your code.
5) Have yourself ask and answer questions on Stackoverflow.
6) Earn certifications in Coursera and such educational websites.
7) Have IE as a major testing browser, when working on projects.
8) At start of the year, make goals and have yourself at least 5 Side projects assigned to you.
9) Important point, document everything. I had read somewhere about this and I am trying hard to follow it. However the point here is, if you learn something exciting, no matter how small it is, try to document it somewhere, may be online in your blog or in a book. Writing what you learned always helps you and keeps you a step ahead. You tend to remember things easily if you had made some attempt in documenting it. In case you don't remember the specifics, you at least know where to look for it.
10) Have a blog and regularly update it.
11) Read and Repeat. Go to Step 1.

Keep learning, Keep Rocking!!!!

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