Saturday, April 4

FrontEnd feeds and gReader App for Android

[Update 26th April 2015] : It appears that gReader app does allow creating of folders. More details later.

I was a big fan of Google reader and I had subscribed to awesome websites for my daily dose. After the sudden shutdown of google reader, I tried many other feeds reader but was not actually satisfied.

Recently I came across gReader app for android. I loved it. Apart from that the 5inch phone helps me scan through articles easily so it isn't a eye strainer. Subscribing to the websites one at a time would have been tedious, but I remembered that Paul Irish had created an OPML file of the best of the best frontend feeds. And the best thing, gReader app allows to import the file. Bingo!

While trying the import, it failed. I wasn't sure what was the reason, until after trial and error I figured out that the main reason was grouping of the feeds in the opml file. Paul Irish had grouped feeds, and this format was not being accepted by gReader. I than found a github repository of frontend feeds by impressivewebs which is an extension of the work done by Paul Irish.

Thanks to all the hard work already done, I forked a copy of the xml file and did minor changes to accommodate for gReader app. You can get find the xml file here.

What did I learn?
1) How to fork existing code in github, get a clone of it on your computer and push back the changes to your repository.
2) gReader App, some trial and error and a little digging into the issue, some passion and a wonderful experience.

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