Tuesday, April 21

Creating a batch file - Baby step towards Automation

Automation is something that I should have considered a long time back in my career. Nevertheless it is not too late, in fact learning has no age limit.

I read a very good blog post about "What you learned today" at beginning of the day today and while doing random email checks and later starting my actual work, I realized that I would be required to run a command every day morning to start working on my projects.

CD'ing my way in the command prompt, I thought it was time to create a batch file and let the double click do the work. So I sat down, spent 5 minutes googling how to create batch files and yay, I created my own batch file.

What I learned?
1) Batch files to execute should end with a .bat extension if you are using windows operating system.
2) You just write simple commands in your notepad, the same one's which you would have entered while in actual command prompt and you should be good to go. There is a lot available out there to learn, but this simple trick worked for me.

That's it for now, I guess the command is executed and my server is running. Baby steps towards automation.

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