Thursday, March 26

Outliers – The story of success - Malcom Gladwell

Outliers – The story of success is a non-fiction book written by Malcom Gladwell. I had heard a lot about this book and the title itself is very promising, so this had to be my next read.
What is an outlier? "Outlier" is a scientific term to describe things or phenomena that lie outside normal experience.

In this book, the author tries to examine the factors that contribute the high level of success. By taking into consideration some of the well-known, highly successful people, and examining their life minutely, the author tries to discover the reason behind their success.

For example, the Canadian Ice hockey team players are born mostly in the first few month of the calendar year. Their birth month, then gives a clear picture to author that the initial selection will be based on age and thus getting selected to a school team will provide them good exposure to better facilities, thus making them the best players. The author also discusses about Bill Gates, and the famous music band “The Beatles” and tries to find out their success story.

The most important point according to me is :
You have to work hard. Period. The stories of people go back in early 20’s. The author sheds light on the time period in which these successful people were born and other external factors, but the truest reason I found was that these people were successful, because of their hard work.

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