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5 Things you should know while in College!!

1) Don't complete your assignments before time!
But do your assignments on your own, before time and be quite about it. If you think doing your assignments before time and letting your peers know about it makes you a stud, seriously, you are wrong. Your classmates will want your assignment so that they can copy and get their grades without any hard work. You break your back and they enjoy at your cost. During college peer pressure is the most difficult thing to handle. It will be very difficult for you to deny them to lend your assignments later.

Let's say you boast to your best friend that you finished your assignment, he will ask for it and then you have to give him. He will in turn share with other people and so on and so forth. You do the hard work, they do the smart work. Usually the assignments that you get are straightforward, the lecturer hands out a sheet with numerous theoretical essay type questions and your job is to research and find answers. These assignments later can be used as a reference to your actual written exams. So not only did your friends get good grades by copying your assignment, but also got your best notes that they can use to write their exams.

The main point here is not to rely on others to complete your assignments (copy). You need to learn to be independent and sincere in your work and at the same time, be a little self-centered. Working hard should be motto of your life but you should also consider working smart. Lending your assignment so that your friends can benefit, is purely stupid. You may think that you are helping your friend, but actually you are hurting yourself. If you actually want to help your friends, then help them understand the topics, not spoon feed them.

What do you gain by doing all this?
a) First of all, you have to make sure you are the one who actually does their assignments sincerely. You will learn to research, learn about that topic, and learn to manage your time. This will be very helpful in long run, when you actually are in the corporate world.
b) You will see yourself become a diplomat. You will want to think before you speak. Being completely sincere, truth speaking etc. should be to your parents. Not to the world. When it comes to the world, you have to be completely sincere and true to yourself.

2) Learn to Communicate, Learn to ask questions!
Reaching college on time, completing your assignments, doing homework etc. is important. And so is communication. If you have a question, get up and ask. No matter how silly it may sound. Please Speak up, Talk, discuss. If you think that you will learn what you missed from the reference book later, you are wrong. Clearing your doubts for later is foolishness. You will only realize it once you are out of your college working for someone. Ask questions about topics to your peers. You might feel that there is no one who cares and that books are your best help. But remember, asking questions is also an important skill. You will find it very useful when you start working.

During your corporate gig, you would be facing various kinds of projects and having a clear understanding about it at the time of discussion is very important. You will not have reference books, friends etc. who you could later clear your doubts with. So if you are in doubt, ask right away.

3) Make use of all the resources at your disposal
Being at college is the best time to also cultivate and expand over your hobbies. Let’s say you are majoring in Computer science. You will want to later work for an IT company. But IT jobs are not always fancy, fun or interesting. There might be a situation wherein you would have to do the most boring job in the world. To compensate for this boredom, you could do some fun activities, such as photography, painting, writing etc. Sky is the limit. Instead of looking for a new hobby later, try to utilize your college time to understand your interests.
Nowadays, with ample of resources it is not difficult to understand your hobbies. You may not have a SLR camera, but a cheap smartphone can also be a good photo taking device.

4) Read, Read, Read!!
Read a lot from Newspapers, Magazines, and Novels etc. Nothing better than reading and gathering information. With ocean full of information available, it is always good to be informed. It will help you be part of conversations with different people in your group. Widening your knowledge about different topics will help you be part of various groups. Knowing a thing or two about current affairs, sports or technology will help you get out of that ignorant tag that your peers have assigned to you. With Internet at everyone’s disposal, gathering information is very easy.

5) Write
If you know a thing or two about internet and know how to get information, you should be aware of blogs. For those who don’t know, blogging means maintaining an internet log. It is a webpage where you can update information, share knowledge upload pictures etc. which are then displayed in a reverse chronological order. The main intention here is to share information. It could be anything. Writing is a way of expression. Not only should you know how to ask question, you should also know to express. If you know how to ask, you should also know how answer.

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