Saturday, April 5

Best of the Web - Link Rounup #1

1) The 180 days website creation project by Jennifer Dewalt
I had been following Jennifer’s project for a time now and she blogged about her one year of coding. It is indeed inspiring and motivating. A very nice project, requires a lot of dedication and commitment, not to forget the amount of patience. But the end results are really fruitful. Worth reading her blog.

2) An anecdote about how lines of code should not be a criteria in a developer’s routine. In fact lesser the lines of code, the better. Everyone should be encouraged to write optimized algorithms.

3) The odin project :
This is one interesting project i came across and immediately signed up for. I plan to work on this given my interest in Ruby on Rails. 

4) A Podcast about How to learn on ruby rogues.

Recently i came across this website where they have exceptional rubyist talk about ruby and programming in general. This podcast however was on how to learn a programming language or anything.

Key take always were
a) Speed reading
b) Take up teaching so that whatever concepts you have learned are with you forever because teaching someone makes sure you yourself are well versed with the topic.
c) Rubber ducking : This is one of the method i really liked. You have a rubber duck or a toy in front of your monitor and you start talking to it, as if it can listen to you. This way you understand your own problem much better way.

5) CSS Diner :
A very simple game to understand CSS selectors. The code is available on github.

6) AddyOsmani’s Backbone Fundamentals
I recently wanted to read and understand about at least one of the JavaScript MVC framework. Ember and angular looks promising but backbone js just appeared right. I had heard about it a long time back. And this open source book from addy osmani is indeed very informative.

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