Sunday, March 23

Faasos...No NO...!!

Last Friday was eat outside day. I wanted to go with the normal Indian meal, but dreaded that and was confused between a pizza or any other junk. Pizza is costly. I already had subway sometime back and loved it. So i thought of grabbing myself a faasos wrap.

TL;DR : I had a chicken tikka masala wrap and i was very disappointed.

So i stood at the counter, spent almost 5 minutes looking at the menu. They also have this awesome cartoons and some punch lines, that took most of my attention. Apart from that, i was the only customer at that time. So chicken Tikka masala wrap it was. I paid (wasted) 90 bucks for that. They had an option of wheat base and the maida base and I did'nt have to think much on that. The wheat base cost 10 bucks extra, and since it was my first time, i did not want to spend more on that. (Now, to think of it, I feel better about it)

So just like Subway, they prepare it in front of you. The preparation is super difficult, it requires you to be a rocket scientist to understand it. Pun intended. Ok, so the "chef", we could also call him a "helper", gets a roti with oil or butter on it (my taste buds could not identify them) on his desk. He takes a spoon full of ready chicken tikka masala and spreads it across on the roti. More of masala and less of chicken. Lots of oil. I could hardly taste 3 pieces of chicken in that entire spicy thing that they call wrap. Ok, next, he sprinkles some chopped onions and puts some sauce. It was very little. Then meticulously rolls it and stuffs it inside a tissue paper. Done. Your wrap is ready. Just so much? I think, and walk away thinking aloud that hope it tastes good. It was tiny by the way for the 90 bucks that i spent.

I take the first bite and the first thing that comes in mind is "bad". The roti or wrap seemed awful, it was kind of crispy. I could feel the texture. I thought it was not fresh and it was refrigerated. The chicken tikka masala was only masala. Oily. My first impression, die hungry but don't visit faasos again.

To think of it again, it kind of amused me. Remember those childhood days, when your mom would wrap a subji you did not like inside a roti and give it to you and make you think it was awesome. Yup i felt like that. If i had been to an actual north Indian restaurant i could have got plate full of chicken tikka masala, 3 rotis for just 110 bucks. 

No Faasos, I a'int coming back that door again. Never.

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