Saturday, October 19

Do it now!

Weekends are always to chill out. Chilling out for me is to sit in front of the computer and keep clicking links and read whatever i can. And that is when i came across this article from my favorite software developer "Coding Horror".

And that indeed took me to this article from SEO black hat.

It actually makes sense. It does. Yup. It is indeed inspiring.

Do it F***ing Now.
Don't wait. Don't procrastinate. The winners in this world are not the ones who find the greatest excuses to put off doing what they know will make them more money. The winners are the ones that prioritize and seize the day.
Create a list of action items to make sure your important tasks get accomplished. Every project you're working on should be in action. If you're not moving, you're standing still. Your next step towards making money must not be "something I'll take care of maybe sometime next week." If it's going to help make you money: Do it F***ing Now.
Some of you may think that you don't need the "f***ing" in "do it f***ing now". You do. You need that impact, that force, that call to action, that kick in the ass to get you moving. Otherwise, you'll end up another loser that had a great idea a long time ago but never did anything about it. Dreamers don't make money. Doers make money. And doers "Do it F***ing Now."

I have had this idea, which i really want to put it across over the internet. It is simple and very much doable. I have had plans and think about it. But i just procrastinate and waste my time over the internet.

I find reasons to not do it. I find fascinating open source code over the weekend, and then i want to learn that so that i can use it to code my idea. But by the time i start, i have this another article on hacker news and then my interest shifts. I have realized that a long time ago. But i keep making this mistakes. 

I think i need to just focus. Do It Now! F***ing Now..!!!! 

Saturday, October 12

Twitter Bootstrap 3 navbar dropdown does not appear in IE9

While working with Twitter bootstrap, i came across this weird issue on IE9 only.

When clicking on a dropdown menu, the list items would not appear, they were getting hidden behind the content. However only the box shadow of the dropdown area would appear, indicating that there was more links.

I tried with updating the z-index but it appeared that, z-index was not the issue. However after debugging and disabling one CSS property at a time, i realized that the Microsoft filter property for gradient was the issue.

Removing that from .navbar class worked.

.navbar {
    filter: progid:DXImageTransform.Microsoft.gradient(startColorstr='#ffffffff', endColorstr='#fff8f8f8', GradientType=0);


Sunday, October 6

XCOPY command on windows 7

Apparently, my windows 7 machine crashes explorer when i try to copy files from my hard disk to my cellphone or a pen drive. The best solution i found was to use the command XCOPY.

The command works as below.
XCOPY source destination

For instance if i want to copy music from F: drive to L: drive
XCOPY "F:/music" "L:/music"

The above command just copies files from source to destination. Today I encountered a situation where i had to copy folders and files within the folders. The best command for that is
XCOPY "F:/music" "L:/music" /s

where /s is for "Copy folders and subfolders"