Sunday, September 22


I have read numerous articles about importance of writing. In fact, I've read articles from web professionals who emphasize how writing their thoughts has helped them achieve their goals. Below are few reasons of top of my head.

  • It improves your language.
  • If you can put your thoughts on paper, then it will also help improve your communications.
  • If you can write your ideas, you can share your ideas and communicate it effectively.
  • you can connect with people.

The other day, I had to meet a person to discuss about a web project. I did a little research about the industry. Wrote down few points that would help me sell my services. I had a good feeling.

The idea was to build a brand and get it out to the people. And i had put in efforts to convince him that how a blog would be very useful. Write articles, share pictures related to your industry, upload videos etc. Sounds very simple. No hoopla there.

But i failed to realize that the person I was trying to share this info had just heard the term "Blog". He did not know anything about it and that was ok. They don't have to know all this. It is my job. 

But i failed drastically.

I was trying to convince him to write a blog, say a post every week, so that it builds the brand and increases the visibility.

He was able to digest this information, but I had a hard time. 

Just then i realized, how stupid it is for me to convince someone to write when i myself am a not regular writer. I had this reminder set up on my Google calender that gives me a notification every friday, that I have to write a post. But i just let that notification sit there entire day and do nothing about it. 

And that is why this post. I really need to focus and be very particular about my tasks. I need to be systematic. With use of smartphones, tablets, computers and web apps, there are numerous services that easily help one stay up to date with minimal efforts, but this procrastination, the mother of all the evil just keeps returning to my life.


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