Friday, March 1

Quitting and then starting again.

I have decided, its time to say "I Quit", And start all over again with a new goal.
I had started learning python and finished most of the tutorials and then started learning Django. I spent a lot of time on it. I realized it is not that easy for me. I was just going through the tutorials and reading code. I did not succeed not even close to getting a simple app up and running. So I have decided it is time to Quit.

What went wrong?
1) Reading code does not help. It is waste of time. Practicing helps. I was able to learn jQuery by practicing code. I should have known that. But i choose to ignore.

2) Working on a real world problem. Best way to learn is to work on an application from beggining. I have had experiance working with PHP, Mysql. So getting started should not be difficult. My approach should have been:

a. Work on an Application idea.
b. Create a flow.
c. Start with coding from day one.
d. If encounter a problem, google search and try to solve it.
e. Move ahead with coding and finishing the application.
f. In the process learn.

Instead i took a wrong approach, tried learning an entire language, and delayed the process of working on the application.

I now have an application idea. I know php and mysql and jquery and good amount of html/css. But i wish to learn a new programming language. I think i can start working with Ruby on Rails. I have tried the lessons and found it very interesting. I think i will follow that.

Will this approach work?
I don't know. It may or it may not. I have self learned php, mysql, html, css and jquery. I may not know everyting but i am pretty confident i can get a solution by googling. I want to learn a new language. Have failed (read quit) at python. I find RoR interesting, so today I make a promise to my self to learn this language.

I hope i don't quit again. If i do, i have this post to remind me my failures.

I'll keep posting the progress.
Adios and wish me luck..!!!

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  1. You are right practicing is the best way to learn a new coding language. So how is the application coming along?