Friday, February 1

How I started reading?


Was browsing through reddit and found this interesting question. The OP (original poster?) had asked about everyone’s “how-they-started-reading” story. Sharing my story here.

I was never a reader. During my school days, I had read about Famous Five novels, but that was it. It was because I had nothing interesting to do during summer holidays. That was I think 8th grade.

Fast forward, I completed my engineering and took up a job in a startup. It was recession and everyone was getting laid off, so I took the first job I got. Not part of story, but I like to mention about 2008 here and there.

Work involved a lot of research, very little fun, so one day my boss said, we are going for a movie. All three of us (yeah the company was that small). The movie was Sherman joshi’s “Hello” based on Chetan bhagat’s “One night at call center”.

The theater was half empty, not even 20% people seen. We were enjoying the movie. At intermission, they displayed a paper note on the screen with one of our seat number. The note said that our seat was the hot seat and we had won a gift (Yay!).

After the movie, we happily rushed to the Ticket counter to collect our gift. From the exit of the screen to the Ticket counter, we had several guesses as to what could be our prize. Could it be free movie tickets for next movie, or lunch passes, hope it is lifetime membership to the theater. (Ok, the last one was a bit exaggerating). So we show our ticket, and what we get? We get chetan bhagat’s novel “One night at call center”, the movie we just saw. Disappointment. I don’t recall what made me ask my boss the book to read (he purchased ticket, so he was the rightful owner), took it home and was curious to know if there was any difference in the book and the movie. I read it page to page, it was simple and very interesting. That is when I decided, reading would be my favorite hobby.

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