Monday, November 12

Digital Fortress by Dan Brown.

A techno-thriller. Digital fortress is a very good read.  It is simple yet amazing and considering the fact that it was published in 1998, it is way above standard. I got the chance to read it recently. Dan Brown is one of the best fiction writer and all his novels are highly appreciated. Reading this book he has got himself a new fan.

Just the time when it was an Internet boom, the author came out with a novel relevant to that era. I am quite sure, the author must have done a tremendous amount of research, as he was able to convince the audience about the topic, about cryptography, about super computers.
The topics covered by the author, are highly convincing, very well defined for people to understand and the story is streamlined from even though the events occur in different places among different characters.

NSA (National Security Agency) has a code breaking super computer program called TRANSLTR which breaks decrypts code and helps secure any terrorist activities. It is claimed to take maximum of 10 minutes to break any code. It is so powerful. However, it cannot break a complex code - DIGITAL FORTRESS - and hence Commander Trevor Strathmore calls in Susan Fletcher, the head cryptographer, to crack it. Digital Fortress algorithm is written by one Ensei Tankado, a former NSA employee who became displeased with the NSA's intrusion into people's private lives. Strathamore tries to be clandestine about the whole situation. Tankado is about to auction the algorithm on his website, but eventually dies in what appears to be a heart attack. Strathamore learns that the key to unlock the algorithm is hidden in ring which tankado gives it away to a person on his last breath.

Strathmore asks David Becker (Susan's fiancé) to travel to Seville and recover a ring that Tankado was wearing when he died. David obliges to strathamores request, but later realises how deep this is. The ring exchanges a lot of hands and David tries anything and everything to recover it.

Dan brown has a very unique style, and the story uncovers very slow, with a lot of shocker of course. Later in the story there are lot of twists and turns. It turns out Ensei Tankado had something different in store and so did Strathamore.

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