Monday, June 18

My thoughts on B.Y.O.D to work.

Some time back I read an article on Bring Your Own Device or B.Y.O.D to work, and how companies are favoring it. The article said it would increase the productivity of employees, they would have flexibility to work on machines they are comfortable with etc. However the most important concern being, the security. These are most obvious pros and cons. However I think the entire concept of B.Y.O.D depends on the organization size.

Organization size: The larger the organization, the more the concern of data security. If every employee is allowed to get their own devices, chances are that data theft could be possible. Also, having your own device means, you have freedom to install your own software, games, music etc. And organization cannot keep a check on what software's are being installed on personal computers, whether they are legit or pirated.
However B.Y.O.D would definitely work on startups. With small size teams, all are like minded and working towards a goal. Flexibility of use of software's, music, and gaming is a culture of startup. Everyone knows what needs to be done, everyone knows what their peers are doing. Apart from that, small sized companies have benefits on hardware costs.

Working on remote machines: In large organizations, employees are required to work on remote machines or Virtual machines. These are set up, so that the hardware cost is reduced. Working on remote machine is slow and it depends on two factors

  • The internet speed
  • The Hardware

With broadband speed as slow as a snail, time spent to complete a particular task is much more compared to working on a local machine. Also if given a high end machine, processing would be a little better but again it depends on the internet speed as well.

Transport: Carrying your own laptop to work is tiresome, considering the fact that most IT companies are situated outskirts and each day every employee has to travel at least an hour on average. Why would one want to carry their precious gadgets every day back and forth in a public transport? Would it not be feasible to use work machines instead.

To conclude, B.Y.O.D to work would best suit small size teams and startups then large organizations.

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