Friday, May 18

Iphone's camera app when phone is locked, yet another simple but awesome feature.

The other day, my friend got an Iphone4. He had kept a password deliberately, since he knew I would want to check out his personal stuff. (Yes – Upfront warning, never let me use your phone :P). So while I was trying to guess his password and the phone getting locked for one minute, I saw a very good feature which iphone has introduced.
We can use the camera app, even if the phone is locked. That made me wonder why iphone had to do this. What I could think of is this,
  1. Camera app is an important part of a smartphone just as music app is. Instead of unlocking and then searching for your camera app, why not just provide it on one simple click.
  2.  Worst case scenario, if you had to take pics of record a video of something bad happening around, you would not want to waste time in entering your password and then looking for your camera app. In such situation every second every microsecond counts.
This may be just another feature, but it actually shows how the apple as a company thinks about its users. Simplicity, usability and customer satisfaction, makes this product so awesome.

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