Tuesday, May 8

How to connect Archos 5 internet tablet on windows 7 as USB mass storage device.

I have been using archos 5 internet table over a year now. Since this tablet is an android tablet, its format is ext3. Initially i somehow managed to install ext2fsd software and ran the tablet on my windows 7 machine. However recently i could not get ext2fsd software to run my tablet.

While i was browsing my tablet, i realized, archos settings provides options to be able to view tablet in two formats i.e ext3 and FAT32.

ext3 being the default, i was using it. However if you change the mass storage format to FAT32 for windows compatible, it erases your entire data which was earlier stored in ext3 format.

To change the mass storage option go to
settings -> About Device -> Repair and formatting tools -> Mass storage file system format and then select FAT32 which is in windows compatibility mode.

Once you select this, it asks to flush your device. Once the device restarts, you need to ensure that your device is in mass storage mode to be able to recognize by windows, if not, windows gives a driver missing error.

To do that, go to
settings -> Device storage and USB connection -> USB connection mode and select Mass Storage drive (MSC).

Once done connect your device via USB cable and it will appear as a Storage drive for windows.

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