Monday, May 14

Book Review - A thing beyound forever by Novoneel Chakraborty

This book is about love. period. At first i thought i would not read it, but as and when each chapters passed by, i was curious to finish it. It has lot of philosophy. The characters in the book come lively with each words.
The story is about Raen Verma and Radhika Sharma, starts when both are teenagers. Raen falls in love with a girl called savera, However radhika is in love with Raen. Raen tries to propose Savera, but fails both the times and then radhika comes in his life.
Raen starts liking radkhika, but he cannot forget savera. Raen mentions most of his activites in his personal diary.
Raen falls sick and dies, leaving Radkhika alone. Radkhika only has his diary left with her. Even after 13 years for Raen's death, Radkhika still mourns over Raen, and is not ready to face the truth and move on with life. Radhika who is a Doctor, meets with a kid and soon finds out that the kid is different and connects her with Raen, the kid has same interest / hobbies as Raen and starts beliveing in Reincarnation. Only to find out later, whom the kid belongs to, Radhika's belief gets stronger.
The story is simple and somewhat predictable.
The good parts
1) It makes us believe in love, re-incarnation.
2) Very nicely written and simple to understand and follow. The is the only reason i completed it.
The Bad parts
1) In search of love, the protogonist dies, though i am still in doubt as to who is the main character, Raen verma or Radhika Sharma.
2) Sad endings, and it will always keep me confused as to why did Radhika Sharma commit suicide. Just because she did not get her first love does not mean she has to die.
3) The book gives emphasis on first love. (Not a con but i hated that :P)
Overall Rating : 3.5 out of 5

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