Monday, February 20


Keeping track of stuff on excel becomes easier.

I was trying to enter Sr. No in a column, and drag and drop helps. However we need to use the mouse for that.
To get the same thing done via keyboard we can use the following

ALT + H + FI + S + enter.

This is a longer process then using mouse, but it works for keyboard lovers.

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  1. Hello, Excuse me,I cant speak English very well. The answer is easy!
    1-Open excel, go to View tab(excel2010).
    2-select macro, then record a macro.
    3-Choose an optional name, for example Myautofill (No space in name!)
    4-Choose an optional shortcut for example ctrl+h!
    5-Click OK (Now macro is being recorded)
    6-go to home tab, then editing menu, then fill, then series.
    7-choose columns in "series in", then click OK.
    8-go to View tab, then macro and select stop recording.
    9-your shortcut is ready! and now you can type for example 3 in A1,4 in A2 and select A1 to for example A6....NOW PRESS ctrl+h!

  2. Thanks for this Macro help. Its fantastic :)

  3. Can this macro be made available to all workbooks? Or do we have to record the same macro everytime for each workbook? Thanks.

    Also just that the shortcut mentioned above doesn't work for some reason..
    I typed ALT+H+FL+S +Enter and also ALT+H+F1+S +Enter .. neither worked!

  4. @Anon June 28, 2013.

    I tried it; it works and accesses the ribbon: Alt+h, then fi (as in fish and igloo), then s (for series). Hope this helps if you see my response.