Monday, January 30


I am music lover and of all the millions songs out there, i only like
linkin park. They are my favorite. There is this slow track of linkin park
song titled in the end, which by far is the most awesome song ever. However
out of the odd 200 songs in my phone, i don't know what is it saved as in
my playlist. Every day whenever i listen to music, i always *hope* that
today be my lucky day and i get to hear it. Yes hope it is. I know this is
stupid, but i love this game.

If i am lucky, i get to listen to it, makes my day, but if i don't get it,
there is this supernatural power - hope - which tells me there are good
chances i will get to listen to it next time.

Also, if i listen to that song, i refrain my self from checking the mobile.
I want to play this game forever.

Everyone lives by hope and even the most to the core atheist would also
believe in it.

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