Wednesday, September 28

Creating and sending Email Newsletters

Creating Email newsletters Checkpoints.

1.       Use inline styles.
2.       Upload images on a server.
3.       For image spacing issues in gmail and hotmail, there are already tutorials available for use with quick fixes.
4.       For testing Email newsletters, outlooks express is fine. However, it will render differently in different environments. We were using outlook to check email newsletters on Iphone and Blackberrry, and the newsletter would appear different in Iphone.
To test the newsletter, the best option would be to use your personalized scripts written in Php etc, or use some online service such as mailchimp. However with mailchimp, for free account, you have their promotions automatically incorporated in your newsletter. The advantage is that, you can use your own html code to test it.

Point 4 is very important because ate a lot of our time. When sending newsletter through outlook it showed a very minor 1px image issue. An online service to send html newsletter such as mailchimp helped.

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